Anti Racism Oversight Committee

Anti-Racism Oversight Committee (AROC)

The Anti-Racism Oversight Committee (AROC) will continuously update this page with information and plans regarding Anti-racism at Michigan Medicine.  Internal audiences: For additional information on AROC including the updated leadership structure please visit: AROC News and Updates 

AROC Charge

•Develop and recommend a plan around contributions we can, and must make to eliminate racism and inequities that may exist today at Michigan Medicine
•Identify practices that contribute to racism and discrimination and recommend changes for Michigan Medicine, if needed.
•Identify an approach that achieves an anti-racist culture and utilize the dashboard to track the progress and outcomes.

AROC Overview

In response to the Racial Discrimination and Social Unrest Survey, and concerns presented by the Black Medical Student Association and White Coats for Black Lives, Michigan Medicine has instituted an Anti-Racism Oversight Committee.

The committee is chaired by Dr. David C. Miller, Executive Vice Dean for Clinical Affairs, Medical School President, University of Michigan Health and professor of the Department of Urology and Steve Vinson, University of Michigan Medical Group Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Program Manager. 

The committee is comprised of leadership, faculty, staff and medical students with the charge to implement sustainable measure that address the five priorities of the committee

AROC Operational Structure

Michigan Medicine Anti-Racism Executive Sponsors

Dr. Marschall S. Runge (EVPMA, CEO), Dr. Brian J. Zink (Interim EVDAA, CAO), Tony Denton (Sr. Vice President, COO)

  • Set vision and overall strategic direction to eliminate any racism and inequities

   •  Build institutional support and lead the organization through implementation

   •  Assist in securing resources and removing barriers


Michigan Medicine Anti-Racism Leadership Sponsors

Dr. David J. Brown (Associate Vice President), Dr. Steve L. Kunkel (EVDR, CSO), Sonya Jacobs (COLO), Dee Hunt (CHRO)

   •   Oversight of strategic plan: see whole picture/connect dots; manage risks and support needs

   •   Approval/decision making and endorsement around objectives

   •   Champion strategic direction throughout organization; assist in securing resources and removing barriers


Michigan Medicine Anti-Racism Oversight Committee

Dr. David C. Miller (Co-chair), Steve Vinson (Co-chair), Ali Von Au Douglas (Project Manager)

Basic Science and Clinical Department Leadership • Bioethics• Communications • Community • C. S. Mott & Von Voigtlander • Executive Leadership • Faculty, Staff, Students and Trainees • Finance • House Officers • HR/Org Learning • IT/Shared Services • Medical Education • Medical School • Metrics/Measurements • Nursing • OHEI

• OPE • Operations • Quality • Rogel Cancer Center • Security • UH/CVC • UMMG • Wellness


Michigan Medicine Anti-Racism Oversight Committee Subcommittee Priorities

Speak up/show solidarity • Opportunities for conversations and a safe space to discuss issues • Education and training • Diversify the work force• Work with the communities we serve • Advocacy and professional development


Advisory Support/Resource Groups

Disability • LGBTQ+ • Spirituality• Middle Eastern • Veterans • Working Families • Black Voices

AROC Subcommittees

In June 2020, we launched The Racial Discrimination and Social Unrest Survey, which garnered over 1,000 responses from the Michigan Medicine community. Both the Social Unrest Survey themes and student concerns led to the formation of the below six subcommittees. Each Subcommittee is responsible for developing implementation strategies or multidisciplinary problem solving/decision making, driving action forward, and for deciding the cadence of regular subcommittee meetings as necessary.

  • Speak up/ Show solidarity

Overall goal:

Foster an inclusive culture of anti-racism by providing Michigan Medicine with an escalation framework, education and tools so we feel safe when speaking up and showing solidarity against unlawful bias and discrimination

  • Opportunities for Conversations

Overall goal:

Create sustainable opportunities for formal and informal conversations throughout Michigan Medicine addressing racism in a psychologically safe environment.

  • Education and Clinical Practice

Overall goal:

Learners and educators in UME/GME/CME and graduate studies across Michigan Medicine and the Medical School should be competent and have access to curricula and best practices developed with expertise in intersectional framework and health justice

  • Diversify the Workforce

Overall goal:

The purpose of this subcommittee is to identify critical factors in Michigan Medicine’s demographic composition by increasing our underrepresented minorities workforce and recommend targeted short and long-term actions for implementation.

  • Community Work

Overall goal:

•Ensure that our clinics serving minority and struggling patients receive the same level of resources and support as others
•Ensure equal access to care in our health system, and take a leadership role in addressing health disparities within our state
  • Advocacy and Professional Development

Overall goal:

Integrate anti-racism values into our everyday work as a sustainable element of our medical community and culture and direct the inclusion of dedicated time and resources to faculty, staff, and learners for leadership/professional development and advocacy.


AROC Timeline

Phase one: completed by 9/30/2020

•Form subcommittees and identify meeting structures
•Identify subcommittee goals, objectives and deliverables
•Develop measures and evaluation of impact

Phase two: completed by 10/31/2020

•Identify gaps between current and future state
•Develop measures and evaluation of impact
•Develop communication strategy

Phase three: completed by 11/30/2020

•Finalize and present action plan