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Fri, 06/19/2020

Juneteenth is the day set to commemorate the end of slavery in America, and the freedom of enslaved black, indigenous and people of color.Significance and acknowledgement of said freedom is relevant now more than ever. While slavery has been abolished for centuries, and civil rights have been enacted for black people since 1964, the freedom granted to black, indigenous and people of color is still being infringed upon by systematic racism and racial disparities.While Juneteenth is representative of how far the country has come, it also raises awareness of how much further it has to go. Honoring the deaths of George Floyd, and all of those whose lives have been lost at the hands of injustice, is only one way we express grief and stand in solidarity with our black coworkers, learners, patients, families and community.Together, everyone in the community is invited to kneel – a symbol long associated with Colin Kapernick, peaceful protests, and the Black Lives Matter Movement, and honor the freedom that each and every American in this country is owed.The Juneteenth tribute will begin Friday at 1 p.m. and is open to all faculty, staff, learners, patients, families, friends and community members. A moment of silence and kneeling will begin promptly at 1:15 p.m. Kneeling is optional, and not required to participate. The tribute will be live streamed here.  Resources Juneteenth Historical Legacy  For more information about Juneteenth and the significance of the holiday, please click here. Juneteenth Fact and Worksheets for Kids 

Fri, 05/29/2020

August 7- August 8 The Office For Health Equity and Inclusion will be hosting the virtual Health Equity Leadership Weekend. The application window is now closed.     

Tue, 05/12/2020

For his commitment and dedication to fostering a culture of diversity and inclusion in the medical profession by mentoring HMS students, including through the creation and management of an annual dinner that connects the School’s alumni and students from groups underrepresented in medicine, opening up paths to success in research, academia, industry, clinical care, or entrepreneurship. Read More

Tue, 04/28/2020

“I could hear the breathing from the door without my stethoscope. Do you know what it sounds like? It’s like the sound of broken glass rubbing against itself.”An ICU nurse sat across from me, the emotional baggage visible on her eyelids as she stood six feet away. I held the N95 mask by the strings and placed it in a paper bag, careful not to expose the interior, then invited her to sit down. She came to me during a graveyard shift when I was alone training hospital personnel on the extended use of personal protective equipment. In spite of the unnerving risk and countless hours she labored due to the imbalance of providers to patient volume, she was resolute. The more she shared, the more reminiscent her descriptions of the ICU were of the “Blue Death,” otherwise called the Spanish flu of 1918, which claimed more lives in two years than AIDS has in decades. Then she said she was from Romania. I couldn’t help but wonder if a century ago she would have been in a position to assist against the grandfather of pandemics due to her status as a foreigner. READ MORE

Wed, 01/22/2020

In honor of the life and accomplishments of Martin Luther King Jr., U-M hosts a week of events aimed at thought-provoking conversation around diversity, equity and inclusion.This year’s theme, “The (Mis)education of US,” highlights the miseducation and misunderstandings around diversity, culture and stereotypes.

Tue, 01/21/2020

Congratulations to Michigan Medicine, which earlier today was named one of the country’s top employers for diversity by Forbes!The Best Employers for Diversity 2020 list was chosen based on an independent survey from a representative sample of 60,000 employees working for companies employing at least 1,000 people in their U.S. operations. Respondents were asked questions regarding the topics of age, gender equality, ethnicity, disability, LGBTQA+ and general diversity concerning their own employer.The survey was carried out by analytics firm Statista.Click here to see the full list of Best Employers for Diversity!

Tue, 01/21/2020

 Like many students, first-year medical student Aurelio Muzaurieta came to Michigan Medicine with innovative and transformative goals for patient care.  Muzaurieta’s passion for underrepresented communities, coupled with his awe-inspiring experience serving them, speaks to his commitment to health care access and opportunity for all. His deep-rooted dedication has not gone unnoticed, as this past September he was awarded the Association of American Medical Colleges’ (AAMC) inaugural Darrell G. Kirch Scholarship.    

Tue, 11/26/2019

Diversity, equity and inclusion champions across Michigan Medicine work diligently to not only celebrate initiatives, but to elevate the diversity and uniqueness that shines among employees.This fall, the Frankel Cardiovascular Center and U-M Medical Group (UMMG) demonstrated outstanding examples of Michigan Medicine’s commitment to DEI.

Wed, 11/20/2019

Michigan Medicine has been diligent to its commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion. The implementation of the five-year strategic plan has begun the process of shifting the climate of DEI at Michigan Medicine. The impact of this plan has not only spread across the organization, but has generated national attention, as well.

Fri, 10/18/2019

At the root of diversity is difference. It isn’t the acceptance of those differences that make diversity and inclusion efforts sustainable, rather the embracing of those differences that create a more dynamic institution. This year’s DEI Gratitude Symposium, hosted by the Office for Health Equity and Inclusion (OHEI), ignited conversation around this idea and explored how to further diversify thought and communicate across differences at Michigan Medicine. The theme of the sixth biannual DEI symposium was “Building Bridges Across Difference for Sustainable Change.”