Michigan Medicine Brain Trauma Research

March 16, 2021

Michigan Medicine Brain Trauma Research

 A study of emergency care involving victims of severe brain trauma is to be performed in this area. Michigan Medicine is conducting a research study to learn if either of two strategies for monitoring and treating patients with severe traumatic brain injury in the intensive care unit (ICU) is more likely to help them get better. Both of these alternative strategies are used in standard care. It is unknown if one is more effective than the other.  

In one strategy doctors concentrate on preventing high intracranial pressure caused by a swollen brain. In the other strategy doctors try to prevent high intracranial pressure and also try to prevent low brain oxygen levels. This study will discover if either strategy is more safe and effective. 

Because head injury is a life threatening condition requiring immediate treatment, some patients will be enrolled without consent if a family member or representative cannot be rapidly available. Before the study starts, we will consult with the community. We welcome your feedback and questions. 

For more information, to provide us with your feedback about the study, or to decline participation in this study, please visit 


bit.ly/BOOST3CommunitySurvey or contact our study staff at BOOST3Research@umich.edu