Michigan Medicine hosts residential career pipeline programs for diverse students

July 27, 2017

Michigan Medicine hosts residential career pipeline programs for diverse students

In OHEI's 2017 Michigan Health Sciences Pre-College Exposure Academy, (from left) Adriana Acosta, 15, and Lauren Dotson, 15, dissect a pig in their anatomy class in the Undergraduate Science Building. See more students in their two-week on-campus experience in the MHSPEA slide show.

Some 90 diverse undergraduate and high school students are in three concurrent residential programs this summer, all paving the way for them to have successful medical careers. Michigan Medicine’s Office for Health Equity and Inclusion annually hosts the programs as part of its Michigan Health Sciences Summer Institute.

Pre-College Exposure Academy

In the most distinctive program of the three, OHEI’s Michigan Health Sciences Pre-College Exposure Academy is a two-week residential program for talented high school students. It shows a significant Michigan Medicine investment in building a pipeline of diverse talent. As a first-step toward careers in medicine, the teenagers identify pathways to health science undergraduate degrees. Some 50 students from across the country were in the program through July 1.

2017 Precollege Exposure Academy participants
2017 Pre-College Exposure Academy participants

Career Development Academy

OHEI’s Michigan Health Sciences Career Development Academy is an undergraduate pipeline for diverse talent in medical schools. The eight-week residential program prepares diverse students for the extensive process of applying and gaining admission into medical school. As a testament to the program’s effectiveness, all previous MHSCDA participants who applied to medical schools — including the University of Michigan Medical School — were admitted. A diverse cohort of 20 undergrads from across the country are in MHSCDA this year through Aug. 5.

2017 Career Development Academy participants
2017 Career Development Academy participants

Undergraduate Research Academy

OHEI’s second program for undergraduates is its Michigan Health Sciences Undergraduate Research Academy. Twenty students were in the 10-week residential program giving them research or clinical experience to help them prepare for biomedical research or medical careers. It ran through July 15.

All three academies are open to applicants of all backgrounds. OHEI does, however, encourage applications from students in the medical field’s underrepresented minority groups or rural and socio-economically disadvantaged backgrounds.

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