Community Conversation: Health Equity Advocacy & Social Justice: On Campus and Beyond

Thursday, September 29, 2022 - 11:30am to 1:00pm

Community Conversation: Health Equity Advocacy & Social Justice: On Campus and Beyond

Location: Dow Auditorium and Livestreamed


These are challenging times. Climate change, war, poverty, surging gun violence, an ongoing pandemic, intractable racism, provider shortages and healthcare disparities make our lives and our work more difficult--but also make our work more important, meaningful and impactful.

Recent supreme court decisions are weighing heavily on many caregivers, and our nation’s political polarization makes it more complicated to navigate different belief systems and our roles as patient advocates.

The first of these sessions will focus on when and how students, faculty and staff may express their passion to advocate for particular positions or to be change agents advocating for structural changes in our legal, political, work and learning environments to promote equity.  It will provide an opportunity to discuss how we can differentiate and separate our personal support and advocacy efforts from our professional roles, when we are speaking as representatives of an institution or community and what that means, and what limitations and opportunities apply to our public university and to us in our professional capacities related to such education and advocacy.

Panelists include:
Associate Dean for Graduate Medical Education, University of Cincinnati College of Medicine
Professor of Medical Education and Family & Community Medicine
(MD 1995, MHPE, 2017)

Justin D. Hodge, MSW
Clinical Assistant Professor of Social Work
Washtenaw County Commissioner

Maya Kobersy, JD,
Associate General Counsel 
University of Michigan Office of the Vice President and General Counsel

Community Conversation September 29th - Dow Auditorium & Livestreamed