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  • Topic Area: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion 
  • Campus: Michigan Medicine 

*Due to the popularity of our courses and limited facilitator availability, trainings require a minimum of 50 participants to request a private unit session. We strongly advise your team attend one of our already scheduled Michigan Medicine Open Sessions if you have less than 50 participants.

The Office for Health Equity and Inclusion provides training, professional development and networking opportunities for members of the Michigan Medicine community including staff, faculty, house officers and fellows. To learn more about the programs listed below, please send an email to: 

Bystander Intervention

This training brings bystander intervention skills for the purpose of building inclusive, respectful and safe communities. The session provides a brief review of the Bystander Effect. We will identify factors that prevent interventions and strategies for intervening. We will discuss the challenges and opportunities for intervening in the work environment. We will identify ways to apply bystander intervention skills to your work and personal lives. 

Learning Objectives: 

  • Provide brief review of the Bystander Effect 

  • Identify factors that prevent intervention and strategies for intervening 

  • Discuss the challenges and opportunities for intervening in the work or academic environment 

  • Identify ways to apply the 5 Ds (Direct, Delay, Delegate, Distract, and Document) to interventions as a Bystander 

LGBTQIA+ Awareness & Inclusion

LGBTQIA+ Awareness & Inclusion: An Introduction to Inclusive Language is a workshop focused on helping Michigan Medicine staff, faculty & learners use their influence to create a more inclusive health care environment for the LGBTQIA+ community. This interactive learning experience is designed to support participants in developing a foundational knowledge and the reflective skills necessary for contributing to an environment that respects the differences & diversity of people at Michigan Medicine, including their bodies, genders & relationships. 

Learning Objectives: 

  • Understand LGBTQIA+ terminology & concepts related to gender identity, gender expression, & attractionality 

  • Increase awareness & importance of respecting names & pronouns 

  • Identify practices for LGBTQIA+ inclusivity & support 

  • Discuss next steps from a learning, engagement, and allyship context 

Unconscious Bias in Hiring and Selection

The course will help participants examine the hiring cycle and how to implement practices that mitigate bias.  
Participants will: 

  • Consider the current context in which we are making important hiring decisions 

  • Identify how bias can influence the hiring process 

  • Discuss how we can practice more conscious awareness and mitigate unintended biases in our hiring processes, particularly in a virtual interviewing environment 

Explore: DEI Learning Program

The Office for Health Equity and Inclusion is committed to connecting and advancing our understanding of diversity, equity, and inclusion. With this in mind, OHEI is offering a new self-paced, online training program called Explore: DEI Learning Program based on the Michigan Medicine DEI Learning Model.  

The online training consists of modules, exercises, and resources that promote diversity awareness, practice, and modeling. Once completed, participants receive a certificate of completion highlighting achievement to grow as an advocate for equity and inclusion at Michigan Medicine.  


To access training modules please visit: