Professional Development

Summer Academy participants posing with NMA President
Students with former National Medical Association President

The Office for Health Equity and Inclusion in support of its mission, provides training, professional development and networking opportunities for members of the Michigan Medicine community including staff, faculty, house officers and fellows. To learn more about the programs listed below, please call our office at (734) 764-8185, or send a message to EMAIL:


Everyday Bias in Healthcare

The unconscious mind is a powerful and intrinsic force in helping to shape our overall behavior in our everyday lives. This two-hour interactive session is designed to examine how unconscious bias can affect one's perceptions, decisions, and interactions.  To request a training, please submit an inquiry form.

Intergroup Relations

CommonGround workshops are a way to raise awareness about social identities (race, gender, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, etc.), prejudice, stereotyping, power, privilege, and oppression. Facilitated and coordinated by trained staff these interactive workshops help promote social identity development and enhance group dynamics, while building community.

Workshops are designed around a 1.5 to 3 hour time frame and are customized to your group's needs. We ask that all workshops be requested three weeks prior to the event.  If interested, please visit:


Online Trainings

 Explore: DEI Learning Model.

Explore provides learning solutions and supports DEI initiatives and efforts for faculty, staff and learners at Michigan Medicine.

We accomplish this by building strategic partnerships and employing evidence-based research and best practices. The model is comprised of formal and online learning options and engagement activities.


DEI: The Basics Part I

This online module provides an introductory look at the DEI initiative at U-M and helps clearly define what we mean by “diversity, equity and inclusion" and takes less than 15 minutes to complete. Discussion guides are available for participants and facilitators working in small groups or huddles.

Inclusion Insights video series

This series of 25 short videos offers a unique, micro-learning approach to diversity, equity and inclusion education. The videos were created by and feature Dr. Steve Robbins, a nationally recognized trainer and consultant on diversity and inclusion. Dr. Robbins was a keynote speaker during the university’s DEI Summit in 2016. Each video is less than three minutes long and the series includes titles such as, “Defining Diversity,” “Comfort Zones” and “Being Aware of Being Unfair.” The videos have been organized to align with the new Lifelong Learning model to help address the specific goals of the university’s DEI initiative. You can watch these videos on your own or with your team using the accompanying conversation cards.


For additional online modules visit:


House Officer Diversity Network

The House Officer Diversity Network consists of Michigan Medicine residents and fellows interested in promoting diversity, inclusion and equity.

 Activities include:

• Quarterly Journal Clubs

• Mentorship

• Health Equity Research Working Group

• Community building

To learn more, please send an email to


Michigan Diversity Inclusion Network Equity (M-DINE), are small-group dinners hosted by various senior Michigan Medicine leadership throughout the year. House officers, faculty and staff are invited to each event. M-DINE provides a space for engagement and mentor-ship in a comfortable home setting.